"Airlite"        The Original  Inflatable  Snowshoe
 The first and only full size, extremely tough, light weight, very puncture resistant, flexible, fold up, roll up, pack anywhere ... SNOWSHOE !!

Used by the United States Army Air Guard
Winner of the AIC 2012 inventors competiton held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) on 10/19/12

This competition was open to inovative ideas from around the world.
Out of 212 inventors submitting over 235 inventive ideas Airlite took 1st place.


Prepare for the Worst using only the BEST



$ 220.00 
Complete Package
 Package items also sold seperately

Add or omit items of the kit as meets your needs

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Designed in Alaska for Alaskans who live, work, & play on the edge but also for
those who just want that peace of mind knowing the snowshoes are there if and when they are NEEDED


WOW ! Check this out......

After posting to Youtube, video's of how well the Airlite works in mud,

we received an order from and Archeological group in London who finds artifacts at low tide by taking hovercrafts out onto the mud where ships and prison barges were moored up back in the 1700's. Here is an excerpt from an email we received from them a few months after their order was shipped .....

"Thanks in part to you, and these snowshoes, ....we've been working full time on a roman site on the Thames Estuary discovered using Airlites!"

We also sold a set to an avid caver who has personally discovered the three deepest caverns in North America. His intention is to use the Airlite to cross a large room at the bottom of one of these caverns where the floor is made up of soft mud he has so far been unable to cross, until now.

See the Youtube videos links of the Airlite in Alaska's dangerous glacial silt mud and swamp mud below. This mud is such that it is quite firm until disturbed, then begins to liquefy. Looks as though there is overacting here however, it only takes a couple inches over the top of your boot and you are stuck, without the Airlite Snowshoes that is...

Video links.....
Swamp mud

Just boots:


With Airlite Snowshoes 1


With Airlite Snowshoes 2



 We have also become a distributor for "Liberty Mountain" outdoor gear. A great source of compact, packable, light weight, gear. See "links to our freinds".

On our shopping page you will find photos and pricing of the following accessories..... Crampons, compact bicycle type air pumps, a Co2 injector, a so-far-unnecessary patch kit (included with snowshoe purchase), and the drawstring canvas bag that it all fits in, with room to spare at 10"x6"x6".

                                               At only 17 to 18 oz. each 

These snowshoes are first and foremost designed as an emergency use item to give a stranded person a better chance of survival and are not intended to replace standard snowshoes in all situations.
they are a repeated use item and tough enough to be a part of almost anyone’s recreational equipment. This product has been tested to -30 Deg.

US Patented, light weight, VERY tough puncture resistant material. Tested in extreme Alaskan winters. Wide range of uses but primarily designed as an EMERGENCY Snowshoe to get you home when good times go bad.


      These snowshoes require an inflation device to finish inflating

                          after first inflating up by mouth.

 Use of this product without fully inflating is NOT recomended
.  There are two valves on each unit. A quick inflation/deflation valve and a standard tire valve that most any small hand pump or Co2 device will fit. The preferred method of inflation is to blow up the unit by mouth then give it a quick shot of the Co2 or a few strokes of a pump for firmness. Inflte until toe is hard before use. 8.5 to 10.5 PSI. This is easily checked using the included pressure gauge.

For the snowshoe kits, pumps, inflation

devices, Patch kits, and more please



Links to our friends ....

http://www.libertymountain.com/ The companies catalog is as thick as a big city's phone book. They have almost everything for the outdoor adventurer. Thai is a great source for colapsable ski / trecking poles among a great deal of other outdoor gear. Buy it from them or email me with the item number and order anything they have in their online catalog from Airlite Snowshoes. 

http://www.kitefix.com/  They make patches for Kite bladders for Kite ..... surfing, skiing, and snow boarding.

www.planetbike.com/ Pumps and Co2 injectors, Including the Red Zeppelin, My personal favorite Co2 inflater

http://www.crankbrothers.com/pumps_powerpump.php Nice assortment of hand pumps, Including the compact "POWER PUMP"
Hand pumps and Co2 inflators

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